Picton Bay Estates

A winery with deep connections to Prince Edward County, and the stories within it.

As part of our Design 3 class at Humber College, we were tasked with creating an entire brand for a new winery of our choosing. This project included naming, strategy, identity design, signage, wine packaging, advertising, and a website.

September–December 2016



What's in a Name?

When selecting a name and location for my winery, I wanted to create something that was actually meaningful to me. This way I would have a much easier time creating a story and brand narrative. I chose Picton Bay Estates, set in Prince Edward County, Ontario because I have a lot of fond memories in this area, and it brings many positive attributes to the table. With a thriving wine industry, a growing sense of community, and a deep heritage, I knew it would be the perfect setting for my winery.

From the colonisation of the land by the British Loyalists to the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. Macdonald, Prince Edward County sure has a lot of stories to tell. I wanted to make this rich heritage a key ingredient across all of my touchpoints. Highlighting these stories will allow the consumer to connect with the brand on a deeper level than other competitors who simply sell a product.

Prince Edward County is in the midst of forming an amazing community. One that truly respects and honours people who take time with their craft, and produce a high-quality product. The area is littered with mom-and-pop shops and boutique festivals that offer an undeniably unique experience. This atmosphere of people that are excited about quality local product is the perfect market to launch a winery in.

25 to 35 years old

Trendy but sophisticated. The consumer appreciates a modern take on the classics.

They enjoy fun new activities and like to take small trips and adventures on weekends. They do not have any children and could be currently renting or in their first home.

Disposable Income
Above average income, willing to spend money on themselves. They are okay with splurging and appreciating the finer things in life.

The Logo

To go along with my strategy, I needed a logo that would speak to the heritage of the county but still offer a contemporary flair to appeal to my target market. I landed on the solution of a monogram. Versatile in its application, I also created a custom serif typeface to pair with a modern sans-serif to get the look I was going for. The logo can be used in any of the variations when necessary.


Brand Rollout

The logo was then rolled out to various signage and stationary applications that would be essential for the winery. Maintaining a generous amount of white space on applications allows the logo to breathe, and heightens the feeling of elegance. The introduction of a dotted pattern comes into play and works as a unifying textural element across multiple touchpoints.



We were required to create a family of three wines that fell under an overarching theme. To go along with my strategy of celebrating heritage, I created the County Heritage EditionOn the back of each bottle, the customer discovers a unique story of how the photo subject connects to the county and the winery. This further involves the customer in the brand history in order to produce loyal customers.



When taking Picton Bay Estates online, I applied many of the elements from previous applications to ensure a seamless experience. Using lots of white space, consistent typesetting, and limited colour usage to indicate items of importance. Usually, the contact information is hidden somewhere in a footer or a separate page. By having the winery address up front and centre, it sends the message to users that we want them to come and truly experience our winery. I also introduced a pizza lounge to create an additional point of interest.