A student-run non-profit connecting unused food with Montréal’s less fortunate.

With MealCare's mission of bridging the gap between food waste & food insecurity, they needed an identity that conveyed their message of hope and care. I worked alongside the MealCare team to create a versatile and memorable brand identity and language that everyone could stand behind.



What is MealCare?

MealCare is a sustainable and efficient student-run program designed to divert edible food from landfill. Linking cafeterias, grocery stores, and restaurants to shelters & soup kitchens. Not only are they reducing food and energy waste, but are also addressing the ongoing issue of hunger and food insecurity in our society. This idea was first started at McGill University in Montréal by Milton Caldéron-Donefer and Sanchit Gupta, but is looking to expand their program to other institutions across the country.

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Meet The Founders

Initial Meeting

When Milton and Sanchit approached me about branding MealCare, it was really just an idea. However, they had an amazing vision, and it was something that I instantly wanted to be apart of. MealCare needed to jump through many legal and restrictive barriers in order to provide this service. And if they were going to make this idea a reality, they would need a rock solid identity to back them up. The new identity needed to be friendly, approachable, and above all, communicate their message of hope and care. 

Key Attributes

  • Friendly

  • Approachable

  • Versatile

The Logo



The logo is just one part of the overarching brand identity. I then create stationary for MealCare, and introduced the tagline, Food For All. Which is a simple unifying message stating that food is a basic human right. Every human deserves access to quality food sources.


Brand Guidelines

Once the stationary and logo were in place, I began to create a set of brand guidelines for MealCare to ensure that their identity remained consistent. Logo clear space, colours, typography, tone of voice, and imagery guidelines were set. Throughout the brand guidelines document, I broke up the heavy content with inspiring and motivation copy that I wrote to further promote their message. This is an ongoing project with MealCare as we continue to work together in developing a visual language.